Our Projects

The Families Fight Back Foundation is launching the following pilot programs in order to create change in our communities directly:


School Safety 360

We’ve collaborated with Ret. Lt Col Woody Boyd to create an effective, validated School Safety Profile assessment process for evaluating compliance with recommended guidelines at schools across Colorado, once standard of care legislation becomes active in 2018. The assessment is based on aggregating the Homeland Security, FBI and School Safety Resource Center lists. It will include follow up GAP training as well. School Safety 360’s assessment tool will include a comprehensive and weighted evaluation of each school’s available resources, culture, incident metrics, and alignment with recommended approaches to school safety.



(3) hour classes focus on teaching self-confidence and empowering students to stand up for themselves in high-conflict or stressful situations. Ttaught by very experienced teams that tested and evolved these programs in various settings including the military.


MomsCHARGE Against Teen Sexual Assault

A straightforward and pragmatic assessment of the work of law enforcement officials in prosecuting sexual assault crimes and complaints in the state of Colorado. Moms charge also aims to provide parents and families information to determine how to move forward with the aftermath of sexual assault.


Campus K9s

As a member of the Governor’s School Safety & Youth in Crisis Committee, Heidi Ganahl heard from School Resource Officers repeatedly that the legalization of marijuana has created a difficult situation in schools in Colorado.  All forms of marijuana are being found in the school environment, but edibles are increasingly the go-to choice for students.  Up to 50% of high school, and up to 30% of middle school students are experimenting with marijuana now. Campus K9’s will provide K9 detection services to help schools  locate the presence of marijuana (including edibles) and other drugs in school settings.

Campus K9’s will function as a detection only service and will not engage in confiscating or taking possession of any drugs found in positive searches.